A male nurse’s experiences

“Mr. A who was working together before.
My former workplace was a psychiatrist who worked for seven years, but as a result of my move
I am going to change my career, and he seems to have changed to work at the current general ward.

By the time I got a nurse’s license, the prejudice of a male nurse was amazing.

Can you be a man? Everyone was watching with the attitude that.
Just as I work together, I think that human relations were built.

There was no one to harass.
After all, is it because the opponent is a man and you know that you will lose if you get into a fight?

About the second year, I was doing my job while supporting things I can not do, so I enjoyed my work
I was able to do it.
I was not particularly dissatisfied with my previous workplace, but I decided to move out and it made my commuting inconvenient
I just changed jobs.

I was saying. “