Kwasi Kwarteng is the Member of Parliament for Spelthorne. He was elected in 2010.

Kwasi is committed to supporting local enterprise; he regularly visits local business and calls for business-friendly reforms in Parliament. To find the local entrepreneurs of tomorrow, he launched the Spelthorne Business Plan Completion in 2013. This will run again in 2014.

Kwasi feels that Spelthorne has a great opportunity to make more of its riverside location and close proximity to central London. He is campaigning to include the Constituency's train stations in TFL's zone 6 and Oyster card scheme.

Heathrow Airport is vital to Spelthorne's economy, and Kwasi is determined to support the airport and ensure that it maintains its global standing. As a member of the Transport Select Committee between June 2010 and July 2013, he pressed for debate on the issue of aviation capacity.

Kwasi is currently a member of the Work and Pensions Committee. He is involved in a local campaign opposing the construction of a waste incinerator in Charlton Village. He held an adjournment debate in Parliament to highlight local hostility to this.

Spelthorne was badly hit by flooding in early 2014, and Kwasi is working with the local council and the Environment Agency to coordinate a strategy to reduce the risk of floods in the future.

What is your best quality?
Unfailing modesty and charm...seriously, I like to think I have a decent sense of humour
Where does the name "Kwasi" come from?
It's a name given to boys born on Sundays in parts of Ghana. I was born on a Monday.
Why Conservative?
I believe that people should be allowed to work hard and save their money. I think in modern Britain, too many people expect something for nothing.
Favourite Actor?
Robert De Niro
Political hero?
Winston Churchill. A maverick, a statesman, a man of massive energy and courage.
Married or single?
Still single I'm afraid.
Favourite Film?
Some Like It Hot
Favourite Holiday destination?
What are the big challenges facing Spelthorne?
I think the borough has massive potential, I hope Heathrow can keep its place as a world class airport.
Who has had most influence on your life?
Honestly, my parents.
We hear you went to Eton? How posh are you?
Not very. I went on a full scholarship. There were many people far grander than me.
You were a series winner on University Challenge at Trinity College, Cambridge in 1995. How was Jeremy Paxman?
Very scary. He is like that in real life.

Kwasi Kwarteng MP

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