Average annual income of male nurses

Male nurses and female nurses tend to think that annual income does not change,
For men, the average annual income increases from the late 20s.

The reason for this is that women are more likely to do short-term work or night shift with marriage or childbirth.
Men, even if married, are the lord of the family, and those who give priority to work rather than child rearing or housework are mostly.
Also, I can not limit my work.

Although there is no difference in the early twenties, a difference of around 200,000 yen opens in the latter half of 20’s,
In the early 30’s it will be about 500,000 yen, in the latter half of the 30’s will be about 800,000 yen and the difference will gradually open up.
In the early 30s, the average annual income for men is 4.96 million yen, and the average annual income for women is 4.6 million yen.

This difference opens more and more with each age.