Difference between regular nurse and assistant nurse

“Positive nurse is a national exam and quasi – nurse is governor qualification.
The number of years of nursing school going to acquire the examination qualification is also different, the regular nurse is 3 years, the standard nurse is 2 years
It is.

If you work at the site, there is not much difference in the work content between the quasi-nurse and the regular nurse.
From the patient, I do not understand the difference at all, so I think that everyone is a “nurse.”

Basically, however, a quasi-nurse must not do nursing with a subject.
A regular nurse performs nursing under the direction of a doctor.
In the case of a quasi-nurse, we must do nursing under the direction of doctors, dentists and nurses.

For that reason, a regular nurse can give instructions to a quasi-nurse, but the opposite is that a quasi-nurse
I can not give instructions to a regular nurse. “