Salary and prospect of male nurse

“For men, you are concerned about the future, do not you?
I think that it becomes uneasy whether it is possible to work as a nurse and feed a family.

For nurses’ salary, salaries will be raised each time you career.
However, compared with general corporations, it does not raise much.

The reason is that the nurse’s salary is high income in the first year of new graduate.

However, in the case of a salary of a nurse, the number of plus night shift plus a base salary is monthly income.

The higher the number of night shifts, the higher the income.

The average monthly income for the late 30s is 360,000 yen, the average monthly income is 370,000 yen in the first half of the 40s, and the average monthly income is 390,000 yen in the early 50s.
Little by little, monthly income is increasing.

Compared to other occupations, salary does not go up and it is expensive, but it is not cheap.
So it is possible to get married and feed the family. “